Mold Remediation Avon, IN

Banish Mold From Your Home

Get trustworthy mold remediation services in Avon, Carmel & Indianapolis, IN area

Have you noticed mold on your walls? Does your home smell strange? Hire Advanced Foundation Service, LLC to complete your mold remediation in Avon, Carmel, IN and the greater Indianapolis area .

Mold grows when moisture builds up in an area over time. Count on us to find the mold in your home, spray it with an antimicrobial spray and give you advice on how to prevent it from growing back again.

If you don't take the necessary steps to prevent moisture form building up again, mold will return and negatively impact your indoor air quality. Contact us right away to schedule a mold removal appointment.

4 benefits of hiring a professional mold removal service

Advanced Foundation Service provides mold remediation services to homeowners in the Avon, Carmel & Indianapolis, IN area . Hiring a professional mold removal service is a smart investment, because:

  1. Trained technicians will discover the source of your mold problem
  2. They'll eliminate all of the mold in your home
  3. They can prevent mold from spreading throughout your house
  4. You'll be reducing health concerns associated with mold

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